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UK Enduro Round 2 Race Report

The second round of the UK Enduro series has come and gone rather quickly and this time it was at Triscombe, Somerset. Triscombe has a huge range of trails spread around the forests and moorlands of the Quantock Hills, they vary from fast jumpy trails to some super steep technical ones and some flowy trails, if you want a challenging and super fun day on the bike then Triscombe should be high on your list of destinations!

Friday had seen some awful weather for the majority of the day and it had taken its toll on a few of trails, especially the more freshly cut ones. Luckily the rain had stopped by Saturday morning but it had already done its damage, leading to some very challenging riding conditions and constantly changing trails throughout the weekend, perfect Sealskinz conditions! My Hydrostop socks were hugely useful and kept my feet dry all weekend.

On Saturday the riders who had signed up for the two day race, myself included, were able to practice then race stages 1-4, practice being in the morning then racing the stages in any order after lunch. 
The stages varied hugely, some with some very pedally sections, some well-established tracks and some very fresh cut parts; overall some challenging and very fun trails! With only a few hours of practice on Saturday morning I was only really able to get one quick sighting lap in on each of the four stages before lunch but it meant I had a rough idea of where I was going ready for races in the afternoon and in the words of Tesco ‘every little helps’. Stages 1, 2 and 4 had some fresh cut and muddy parts to them which meant that, with a few hundred riders going down them in the morning and again in the afternoon, they changed hugely throughout the day and made racing very interesting!

Sunday was solely a race day where everyone raced stages 1-7. We were joined by the riders who had signed up to race one day instead of two, they raced every stage blind where we only raced stages 5-7 blind as we had already ridden the first four stages on Saturday. Stages 5-7 were the fastest of the weekend, being on much more established trails and having pretty much dried out since the rain on Friday. Unfortunately there were a few minor organisation cock-up’s on Sunday, the first on stage 3 where the timing chip that was supposed to be at the bottom of the stage ‘disappeared’ and was only noticed after around 40 riders had gone down, recording no time, so eventually the decision was made to remove the stage. Unfortunately for me I was one of the riders who had gone down the stage, meaning I’d pretty much wasted some valuable energy that could have benefitted me later in the day. Another stage that was affected was stage 7, the issue here being a distinct lack of tape, leaving the course open for some rather ridiculous straight lines, some cutting up to seven corners. A few of the riders were understandably unhappy with this so decided to boycott the stage and went down in a huge train, which was awesome to see from the bottom! The UKE guys also decided to remove this stage from the results. The other stages all went smoothly and were great with stage 5 being a favourite of many riders as it was absolutely flat out with some big gaps that were possible if you could see them soon enough. 

Overall it was a great weekend with some incredible trails and, as always, awesome friends!! I finished 18th in Senior out of 50 riders which was satisfactory but I’m still aiming to break into the top 10 at the next round! The next round I’m racing will be in Kirroughtree, Scotland at the end of June, so I’ve got around two months to get fitter and get more technical riding practice in.
Looking forward to it!! 

A huge thanks to Slam69, O’Neal, Mojo Suspension, Mudhugger and of course Sealskinz for all the support!

Photos by Kasia Fiszer