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Train Hard, Fight Easy

Team Endeavour came together with riders and crew on a fresh early morning to start their first 24 hour non-stop ride, at Abingdon Airfield Oxford, in preparation for its challenge Race Across America.

From the start it became clear this training session would turn into its own challenge with strong winds, rain and freezing temperatures, with morale dwindling and the weather conditions strengthening, concerns were starting to creep in about heat loss and cover from the bitter wind.

It was at this point we started to break out the Sealskinz accessories, as the long night ahead drew in, after a tough time of cycling and maintaining both riders and crew, they were near to exhaustion thankfully determination, hard work and kit management pushed the team on to complete a hard 24 hours.

We feel if it wasn’t for the right equipment and kit this challenge would have been impossible to achieve, the riding gear supplied by Sealskinz were a god send as everyone felt it made a huge difference in heat retention and protection from the elements.

One rider Matt Dwyer (Army Rugby/Ospreys player) was quoted as saying “I found the Sealskinz products to be a very welcomed asset in what turned out to be a challenging day weather wise, the gloves, hat and overshoes were amazing and I certainly recommend them to anyone who is in an outdoor environment or embarking on a challenge such as Race Across America. Other members of the team were also very impressed with the items.

WO2 (QMSI) G Slade-Jones RAPTC I QMSI ATR (Winchester)

"The products that were supplied by Sealskinz were very well received. Any shiny new kit is always a pleasure to be given. The initial ride started off in quite mild conditions and the Full Fingered Summer Gloves were more than able to protect the hands and fingers for the 2 hr. ride. When the day turned to night and the temperature dropped to around -1 degrees, all riders switch gloves to the Hi Vis Gloves, Windproof Skull hat and the Lightweight Halo Overshoes.  

The gloves were a huge hit with the riders. Plenty of room without making the gloves too big and padded. Operation of the equipment felt easier and not clumsy. The protection from the elements was first class. The Halo Overshoes provided warmth and protection from the wind and rain; plus the heel lights provided the safety vehicles with a “homing beckon” to all the riders. Again the Skull Caps were first class, providing a great fit around the face and head to keep the riders warm and happy. In all the products that have been supplied have enhanced the cycling experience and provided all riders with the confidence to tackle this huge adventure.  Great kit!!"

Team Endeavour raises money and awarness for children and families of the Armed Forces who are suffering through Illness, Hardship & Poverty.  Their Just Giving Donation Page is