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The Road to Rio

After 3400 miles of ocean rowing, the team arrived safely on the shores of Recife, Brazil just over a week ago. They battled storm force winds and unfavourable currents and except for general tiredness and many a ‘sea sore’, their morale remained high throughout.  

The aim of the team of 4 has been to cycle from London to Portugal, then row across the Atlantic to Brazil where they will now re-mount their two wheeled transport and cycle south to their destination of Rio and the 2016 Olympic Games. With an estimated travel time of approximately four weeks, this phase of the journey is certainly still no mean feat! 

We are supporting the team with a variety of clothing for the different legs of the journey. Now that what was arguably the most arduous phase of the challenge is over, Brazil will hopefully offer them some much needed sunshine and respite from poor weather conditions.

Due to the (hopefully) warmer climates they’ll encounter, we are providing the team with their new range of summer accessories, which still have a focus on moisture management but this time from the inside out. They’ll be using Road Aero Ankle Socks and Ventoux Classic Gloves to keep them as comfortable as possible for the long stints in the saddle.

As always, we will be tracking their progress as they journey south and hope the rainforest plays ball in offering up its best possible conditions.

As the journey continues, I’m sure you’ll all join us in wishing them the very best of luck.

To donate text code RRIO88 and the amount to 70070.