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Ready for Cozumel

In July 2015 I qualified for the World Standard Distance Triathlon Championships in Cozumel. 

I remember going over the finish line and the commentator saying 'she's off to Cozumel' the idea was amazing and I was so proud and excited. 2015 was a packed year or races including my first Europeans and in September a month of crazy running challenges. 

Here I am now in Mexico, following the longest flight I have ever been on, followed by a ferry trip that gave me nausea like no other, a shout out to my bike, making it the whole way in one piece too. I should be asleep right now, but a mixture of excitement and the time-difference has me awake writing this.

The training for Mexico has been centred around improving my bike power and endurance, getting some confidence back running, and learning to swim without swallowing half the sea. My coach, Mark, as you can probably guess has had his work cut out!  Obviously training to compete for over two hours in 32 degree+ heat has been difficult, but due to the heatwaves we have had in England and also a trip to Portugal this summer, I feel I’m as prepared as I can be! 

Improving my cycling has been hard work, however seeing the numbers go up in my averages and power zones has been rewarding and I'm excited to get out on my bike here! Running took a huge knock at the start of the year, realising I had reached my limit in September had left my legs and feet battered, with Achilles and posteria tibialis issues plaguing me, but the biggest injury was my mentality to the run. My head is my own worst enemy, and knowing I'm not as good as I used to be has shook the confidence away. Yet I know I cannot have it all, I cannot train hard on my cycling and still do a fifty mile week running, two sessions in the pool, all whilst still holding down a full-time job, oh and finding time to recover. 

So with race day in mind, I'm hoping for a smooth and positive race, to do myself proud and most of all enjoy this amazing place!!! The sea is clear and warm with tropical fish, and even turtles! I've paid a lot to be here, in money, in time training and missing my second week with my new class! I'm hoping to give myself the best birthday present of all, and that’s doing my best.