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Coxless Crew Set To Break Records

After spending 10 months at sea all female British rowing team The Coxless Crew are set to break records with their arrival into Cairns, Australia, as the first ever female team AND the first ever team in a four-person boat to row the Pacific.

The grueling 8,446 miles journey from San Francisco, USA though to Cairns, Australia has not been an easy task, with their adventure seeing the women battle heavy storms, ginormous waves and food rationing, as well as encountering flying fish, humpback whales and sharks…all in a 29ft, bright pink rowing boat called Doris.

The Coxless Crew are expected to arrive into Cairns on Friday 22nd January, (weather dependent).

The women have taken on this challenge of a lifetime in order to raise funds and awareness for two UK charities; Walking With The Wounded and Breast Cancer Care.

Samia al Qadhi, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Care said: “I’d like to congratulate the Coxless Crew on their incredible achievement. Rowing the Pacific Ocean in a four-person boat has taken a huge amount of dedication and hard work but every penny they raise for us will make a real difference to the lives of people affected by breast cancer.”

Edward Parker, Co-founder and CEO of Walking With The Wounded added: “What these women have achieved in the past ten months is undoubtedly remarkable. Not only have they broken world records, they have demonstrated that the impossible is possible which resonates to our wounded veterans that despite injuries, they should look to their future with great determination and courage. We are immensely proud of them and the funds raised will provide vulnerable veterans who have had to face adversity and overcome life changing events, independence through employment.”

The Coxless Crew’s Pacific Ocean row is a huge endurance adventure, with 2 hours on the oars and 2 hours off 24 hours a day, testing the team’s mental and physical capabilities to the full. They burn over 5,000 calories a day and endure seasickness and physical and mental exhaustion. During the row the women live by the mantra eat, sleep, row, repeat - all while at the mercy of the world’s largest ocean.

Despite the struggles of the journey, the team remain upbeat and have even made friends along the way – from passing shipping boats to ‘Fernando’ the shark who has been tracking the boat. Being out in the heat the women have developed rather odd suntan lines as they are always seated to row when outdoors, and have taken to cooking pancakes using the heat of the sun on deck and flipping them with a Coxless Crew postcard!

Pop superstar Kylie Minogue is Patron of the Coxless Crew’s epic challenge. Speaking recently in a special video message to the women during a particularly rough rowing patch that saw the women battling the nautical doldrums, Kylie said:

“It’s been […] months at sea which is just mind-blowing. I know you’ve reached a particularly challenging point in your journey, so I want you to know – we want you to know – that we’re right behind you, as are, most importantly, Breast Cancer Care and Walking With The Wounded. They appreciate every last drop of blood, sweat and tears you’re putting into this. Cairns is waiting for you!!

This is certainly a Pacific Crossing of a different kind and you can follow the Coxless Crew journey and progress via a live tracker on their website or Facebook/Twitter Page and share in the highs and lows of their arduous and epic expedition.

The Coxless Crew are supported by a number of generous sponsors, without which their journey would not have been possible: