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Waterproof Knitted Shoe

Waterproof Knitted Shoe

Achieved with Sealskinz

  • Turn the Tide on Plastic Team

    Volvo Ocean Race 2017

    Sealskinz Athlete and Turn the Tide skipper Dee Caffari led her team in sailing’s toughest team challenge, the Volvo Ocean Race.

    Dee handpicked the clothing suppliers for her team and Sealskinz is delighted to keep the entire crew warm, dry and comfortable throughout the race, especially in the dreaded conditions of the Southern Ocean.

    Turn the Tide on Plastic Team
  • Craig Jones - Wildlife Photographer

    Himalayan Adventure

    Craig Jones uses Sealskinz products in his recent trip to the Himalayas to track Snow Leopards.

    "I took the latest products to keep my feet, head and hands warm... The temperatures were extremely cold at times and all the Sealskinz products helped me do the best job I could. I've used this gear now for many years and for me they are the market leaders"

    The only limitation is the imagination Craig Jones - Wildlife Photographer
  • Robbie Ferri

    Inca Divide 2018

    The Inca Divide is a high-altitude ultra cycling experience in the Andes, with 8 passes over 4,000 meters to cross, one at 4,920m. An XXL race mixing asphalt and gravel, the "Grail of ultra cycling"!

    Robbie Ferri was provided with Overshoes, Socks and Gloves by Sealskinz and completed the race in 194hrs 57mins

    Robbie Ferri
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